More Action Photos.

This is a true family business!
Would you like to improve your image overall? The gym is overrated.
Take your taunting to the next level!
Can’t find a place to put your beer when you fetch your cornhole bags? Fixed it!
More like FortRight! Amaright??
Just a random person I saw while out playing frisbee golf.
Lieutenant Dan walked to my house in sub zero temperatures to hang out and have some beers.

Lieutenant Dan also had no idea that he left his house with two hats on. He’s got a big heart and that’s what really matters…
That’s me having a roadie on the way to Grannies house for Christmas cheer.
My buddy Doug was able to trade stocks in a crowded bar while drinking a beer.
Make those bills Doug!!
Never lend out your stuff. Unfortunately she never returned hers.
This is my pal Paul. He wanted to test the limits of The Can Hand……..
Paul learned that you still have a drink in your hand. It’s just that your fingers are free. Don’t be a Dumb ass.
Boot Camp is tough. Sure. But so is marching and holding a drink. Not any more.

Guess what – not dropping this bottle….