What is The Can Hand?

If you want your grip and your fingers to be useful WHILE enjoying a delicious beverage…..   Boom, The Can Hand Can will be your new friend.

If you ever wanted to make out with a hottie and had to stop to put down your beverage?  Well that nonsense stops now.

Do you need to feed your baby a bottle WHILE keeping your hands free to post annoying photos on social media……  The Can Hand can do that too.

Do you simply want to stop losing your bottle of beer every time you set it down?

Its a Koozie for the back of your hands.  Its ambidextrous and it basically frees up your grip and your fingers to do as you wish.  Yes you will spill your drink if you twist your wrist while wearing The Can Hand!  You still have a drink in your hand you stupid idiot.  But now you have your fingers back…..

Here are some real life scenarios I have used The Can Hand in.


As you can see here, I was able to watch my favorite show The Office, with a bag of chips while drinking a beer.  It is not recommended to drink beer in public, but I’m pretty street smart.   Sometimes I gotta flex my hoop skills.
This is my Brother-in-Law. He admittedly sucks at picking football teams, but he is very satisfied with The Can Hand.
This really happened. Although how did he not spill any on his blazer? My guess is that it’s half way full.
Most farmers love The Can Hand.
Damn it Prison Pete! Put down the shiv…