The Koozie re-invented.

My name is Jon and this is The Can Hand

One day while playing a game of croquet, me and my super duper sober friends were struggling to find a place to put our cans of sparkling water and bottles of cream soda.  Born of that dilemma is what you see here.  Thank goodness we were super crazy sober, otherwise the idea would have been lost.  But luckily in the days to come my kids got excited about the idea as well.  So off we went….. 

I live in a small town in Ohio, I have two boys and a super smart and talented wife.   I’m a typical Mid Western bloke, I skipped college to join the Marines, I like corn dogs and I typically listen to my music way too loud.  And when I’m not running a grocery store, I’m doing all the stuff it takes to make a family tick, just like most of you.  

At the end of the day it’s a really cool product that I think you will find useful and it’s quite the conversation piece.  Remember when rolling luggage started showing up?  The kind with the bar that comes out, and you just drag the bag behind you?  We were all like…..  Duh.  Why didn’t we think of that sooner.  This is basically the koozie version of that. 

Do you already sell koozies?  Would your customer choose option A, the regular one, over option B, The Can Hand?  NOPE.  Now imagine your logo, on The Can Hand.  It’s a no brainer.   Oh ya, and The Can Hand is MANUFACTURED IN THE UNITED STATES.  

From my family to yours…..   Thank you for buying The Can Hand!

Gaming in tight quarters? Put a straw in The Can Hand and you’ll never need to stop!
Come see our store!
The “Brains” of the operation. Left to right – Jack “Director of Information Technology”, Ted “Director of Logistics, Jon (me) CEO.